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DEB L Featured review

Although most of us don't like to have to repair our cars, when that's what's required, it's always a pleasure to visit Axle Alley! Alex, Ryan, Tim, and the rest of the crew are friendly, kind, and very knowledgeable! Not only am I happy to go there, but I'm happy to recommend them to my family and friends too.

MANDY K Customer since 2013

After years of living in Vancouver and trying to find an auto shop I felt was trustworthy a friend referred me to Axel Alley and I have been taking my vehicle there ever since. Alex is so helpful explaining the issues at hand, discussing want is required immediately and what can wait. This helped me prioritize want I needed to fix right away and what I could save money for to fix down the road. Alex always calls to let you know of any changes in price or if they find other things that need to be done so you can make that decision. Axel Alley is very professional.

EDWARD M Customer since 2013

I can always trust Alex not to do something thats not needed

DARCY D Customer since 2013

You guys are great... in every way... the counter, the back....and the web stuff, just the right amount.

Best is that I trust you and the business.... a beautiful and rare commodity these days.

Be back for the gas far so good.

Anonymous Verified customer

Great staff, friendly service, and most of all mechanically savvy.

Anonymous Verified customer

Great service. Explained everything.

ERIC F Customer since 2014

Honest work and courteous service. I really appreciate it and I'll be back.

SHELDON M Customer since 2013

Great customer service!

Anonymous Verified customer

I appreciated the timely help (same day!) and the helpful information that was provided both on what was wrong and what would had been done to fix the problem. Also the referral to another place for other work that was required. Timely, helpful and the problem was fixed. All good!

JASON M Customer since 2013

Alex was great as per usual. Did the work quickly, honestly, and skillfully, got new brake pads and an oil change on my last visit.

Anonymous Verified customer

Final bill was spot on the estimate. They shopped around to get used parts from a wrecker to keep cost down, and when the part that arrived was sub-quality, they went back to the wrecker and asked for another one, better taken care of. Repairs were taken care of quickly.

I've had good experiences with them in the past also at their old location.

LAURALEE B Customer since 2013

Wow, great service! Pleasant, friendly, very knowledgeable, and helpful! Felt like I have found a great new place for auto repairs. The staff are genuine and not there to take advantage of you like most auto repair shops. Highly recommend Alex and his staff for all your car needs!! Thank you for the great service and delivering my car on time.

Anonymous Verified customer

No problems at all. Got me right in. Fast & efficient. And friendly. Glad that Alex inspected the tires he took off and because of that, he found a weak spot in one of them and recommended that I should get that tire and its pair replaced before I put on the summer tires again. Very thankful for that advice. Also, got a lot of work done in the waiting room as well as had a good conversation with Alex and his assistant. Re: the picture on the website: Alex needs an updated one to reflect how he looks now (vs the army buzz cut or whatever it is in the picture)... And eventually, signage and/or large street address numbers would help customers find him. Or he could put on the website that his shop is in the same parking lot as the Saab / Volvo people. Just had a slightly hard time finding his place.

MARC P Customer since 2013

Usual friendly and competent service, but ongoing problem concerning unavailable tire pressure gauge...

Also, some effort should be made to provide shuttle service, or at least transit ticket...

JOHN L Customer since 2013

Great and informative as usual! Thanks again.

SHIRLEY A Customer since 2013

Expert and timely service delivered with friendly and cheery attitudes...

DEB L Customer since 2013

Although most of us don't like to have to repair our cars, when that's what's required, it's always a pleasure to visit Axle Alley! Alex, Ryan, Tim, and the rest of the crew are friendly, kind, and very knowledgeable! Not only am I happy to go there, but I'm happy to recommend them to my family and friends too.

ANDREA B Customer since 2013

Alex is really helpful answering questions and providing valuable feedback. He goes out of his way to explain problems and various solutions as well as providing great customer service.

DON L Customer since 2013


Anonymous Verified customer

I was pleased with the service provided. My car runs like new and it is an older car.

SUZY K Customer since 2013

As usual, everything was great!

STEWART R Customer since 2013

Thanks for keeping my 1992 Corolla on the road, I'm very grateful to have such good people looking after my good old car!

COURTNEY S Customer since 2013

As always...superlative service...great value....and friendliness.

Anonymous Verified customer

I had my front shocks replaced and it was done in good time, with friendly courteous service, and the best part was, I saved over the cost of the estimate I got when I went to get my oil changed, at a competitor.

TRINA H Customer since 2013

Thank you for getting my car in so quickly, the engine light no longer is on for now, I talked to the previous owner and the timing belt was done 1.5yrs ago. and she think's that just before she had the car aircared it was behaving the same way and had one of the censor's changed, she thinks this is the problem... I will let you know when the light comes on as I will be back.

Outstanding service, friendly and efficient.

Thank you again for all your help.


Anonymous Verified customer

Thank you Tim and Alex! Corroded transmission hose was replaced fast, cheap and perfect! xox Suzy

SHIRLEY A Customer since 2013

You guys usual...

ZANNA W Customer since 2013

A pleasure to be a client, for few businesses can combine efficiency, economy, and a consistent happy, can do attitude. They bring the meaning of human contact between customer and work team to a whole other level, and that's rare these days.

WARREN M Customer since 2013

Honest mechanics are rare.

ARDETH G Customer since 2013

Great experience. Had to get my car inspected after returning to BC from living in California. They fit me in immediately and did the work in a timely manner. Great customer service. Apparently the price was reasonable...didn't compare. It was recommended by my BCAA insurance agent.

Anonymous Verified customer

Alex wants to extend the life of my old car for sure and it's working so far

COURTNEY S Customer since 2013

The best as always....5 Stars.

Anonymous Verified customer

Plain talking, efficient and honest.

CODY J Customer since 2013

Very friendly, quick, professional, and affordable

JOHN B Customer since 2013

Did my rear brakes and Parking cable on my F150. Great job, reasonable price Thanks Alex.

JOHN W Customer since 2013

Axel Alley is constantly fair, fast and friendly. The service they give is exceptional and I would recommend them to my friends and family.

SANDY M Customer since 2013

Friendly, honest and great service

LINDA S Customer since 2013

Great service as always and new wipers just in time for the rain! I appreciate the 'let's keep an eye on these' list too. Good to know what the little old PT may need next.

Thanks again guys - see you next month for tire change over.

Anonymous Verified customer

Such thorough, helpful service. They fairly detailed all the options for me and gave me suggestions for the future. Also, when I had to come back for something quick, they were happy to help me right away. Great service! They price was also totally reasonable.

JOLEEN T Customer since 2013

I have been going to Axle Alley for over a decade, and have followed them to three different locations. I feel like Alex is very trustworthy and he always tried to keep costs down. I have recommended him too many people and will continue to do so.

Anonymous Verified customer

Finding honest car mechanics is like looking for the Ark of the Covenant, tricky at best and darn right impossible at worst. But you don't need Indiana Jones on this one, just your faith....

Anonymous Verified customer

Excellent service! Alex and his team are very considerate of my schedule (I have a young child) and concerns (safety and reliability of my vehicle). They answer all my questions clearly and with detailed explanations that improve my understanding of my vehicle and give me confidence that our maintenance needs are paramount.

SACHA ALDEN F Customer since 2013

Been taking my vehicles to Axle Alley for 4 years. Nothing but the best customer service and highest quality work. They really know what they're doing. Integrity and honesty sums these guys up. I wouldn't go anywhere else.

ERIC W Customer since 2013

I like the fact that they can think outside the box.

ANNI LOU V Customer since 2013

Great honest service. Always nice to see Alex and definitely enjoyed the coffee. The only thing would have been nice to get my car earlier or have an idea of how long it would take beforehand so I could plan my day appropriately. Thanks~!

STEFANIE G Customer since 2013

Less than a one day turn around on my last visit. Fast and knowledgeable!

Anonymous Verified customer

Good service

Accommodating to my schedule

ALAINA B Customer since 2013

Axle Alley was a bit difficult to find at first, but I was very pleased with their services. I felt comfortable with the recommendations made to me, and it was great I could do what I needed to in one place, with no wait time for the new tires I was required to get to pass my BC vehicle inspection. They even allowed me to pick up my car after 5. Overall, a great experience, I'll be going back for sure.

KAREN B Customer since 2013

Courteous service as always!

C Di Corrado

I've been taking my vehicles there for about 6 years. I trust what they say is needed and quotes are close to what they estimate. They keep a list of what must be done and what can wait (and for how long it can wait). When I say, "My wife wants that noise fixed," I've been told, "it's fine and safe; I wouldn't get it changed if I was you." That makes me think they can be trusted!

MARC P Customer since 2013

Excellent explanation of the work to be done. Squeaks gone.

Still waiting for the resetting of the tire pressure indicators...

Axle Alley Auto Repair replied:

Hi Marc,

Thank-you for taking the time to submit a Review and Survey for Axle Alley, your comments and feedback are very much appreciated. Alex is hopeful the equipment will be available soon to reset your tire pressure indicators.

Please do not hesitate to check back with us at your convenience.



MIKE A Customer since 2013

I took my car in for repairs- It wouldn't start. I'd expected that I was in for a doosie of a repair, but it was only a battery!! Thanks again for keepin' me on the road!!

LINDA A Customer since 2013

Not many mechanics can get me a police escort. Ryan was great. And I don't think there was a puff of smoke left.

STEFANIE G Customer since 2013

Quality work, fast and efficient. Been going here for years.

Anonymous Verified customer

All in all ok. Alex is personable and friendly and takes the time to explain the mechanical issue to me in layman's terms. This time however, I felt that I might have been charged a lot more than the work required although they did throw in an overall inspection for its road worthiness.

Axle Alley Auto Repair replied:

Oh Oh...I try to keep our charges in line with what your car needs to keep it safe.... call me when you can we can go over the repair totals together... thanks

STEWART R Customer since 2013

You folks are the best; you've always done a great job looking after my old Corolla, thanks again!

Anonymous Verified customer

The staff was so friendly, and the pricing was reasonable. Thank you.

EDWARD M Customer since 2013

I passed Aircare Thanks

JASON M Customer since 2013

Axle Alley has always given me prompt high quality service and honest rates and advice when I need to repair and maintain my vehicle.

SHIRLEY A Customer since 2013

Excellent service... knowledgeable... trustworthy... and friendly...

Can’t beat that...

CHRIS K Customer since 2013

Good service ... Very informative ... Fast and efficient ...

A little pricier then my other mechanic ...

But well worth the convenience ...

I will be a return customer.

COURTNEY S Customer since 2013


JOE B Customer since 2013

I am a 10 year customer and I will verify that the gentlemen at Axle Alley from the owner Alex and his whole crew are second to none. The job is always reasonable and done right. Explanations are complete and the work is guaranteed as always.


Anonymous Verified customer

Very thorough and clear about repair details and had the car back on time!! Alex is reliable and honest....

Anonymous Verified customer

Great service. Nice courteous people. Seem trustworthy

TAYLOR D Customer since 2013

I like it that Alex, the proprietor, seems especially willing to explain things in as much detail as the customer cares to know about--the attitude of openness is valuable in an auto repair business, so you don't feel you're being taken advantage of. I've been treated right here for 3 years now, and I plan to stay with Axle Alley.

JOHN L Customer since 2013

Good quality work with complete explanations.

Adam Abrams

I've been trusting Alex with my auto repair needs for over 7 years now. I'm extremely satisfied and would recommend him to anyone. He's very clear about what he recommends and why, the work done is reliable, and I always feel I'm in good hands. I never feel pressured and am always treated with consideration and respect.

NOWAK R Customer since 2013

Very good and efficient service. Thank you Alex for your help and additional information regarding my vehicle. It has greatly been appreciated.

ZANNA W Customer since 2013

Honesty, the number one trait we want from our garage, and Axle Alley delivers, along with the lube of smiling faces, and consistency, who's resolution is always for the good of the customer;


TIFFANY T Customer since 2013

I am new to B.C. and have to sincerely thank Alex Alley Auto Repair for their honest and trustworthy job on getting my car ready to be insured here in B.C.! I would definitely refer anyone to their shop and will for sure return if and when I need car repairs.

Thank you!

BARB B Customer since 2013

Knowledgeable, friendly and experienced staff who is able to explain all details of service in the best way possible. This family owned business deserves credit for their hard, honest work and I can attest to the quality of some major work, great customer service, honesty, and fair prices.

Anonymous Verified customer

As always, excellent service and good job!

Anonymous Verified customer

You've been very patient and understanding, as well as providing good service. Thank you.

ELIZEBETH R Customer since 2013

It was my Mothers car that was repaired and from what I saw as to the quality and attention to detail, including the state of the vehicle after the repair, the work performed by 'Axle Alley' is excellent! These guys know their stuff. The repairs were done rapidly, all the problems, including some we did not realize were present, were identified and repaired, the car was clean and well kept, including the engine compartment, where some major work was performed.

Anonymous Verified customer

It is rare in today's fast pace to find a business that will take the time to ask the necessary questions to determine the needs of the customer. Perhaps even more rare in the automotive industry.

My car received what was needed and I was given much appreciated information to make my decisions.

DAVID A Customer since 2013

They are honest, friendly and save you money!